The Best Service Experience of My Life

On Friday night, my girlfriend (Shannon) and I had the best service experience of our lives at Seattle’s Canlis restaurant. Call to Action If you live in Seattle have your next meal at [...]

Marketing Offers Can’t Feel Selfish

When creating a marketing offer, you’ve got to make sure they are as meaningful to your customer as they are for your business. Toward the end of September, my old* dentist sent the [...]

“Greatest Promotion” Wouldn’t Scale

Washington DC-area California Tortilla restaurants offered a $1-off your purchase if you beat the cashier playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. A really cool idea. I just heard about this from John [...]

No Pointing Allowed: How A Small Gesture Can Make A Big Difference

“Where’s the restroom?” – “Down that hall, to the right.” (Finger pointing to the back of the restaurant). This is a pretty common occurrence when out at a restaurant, cafe or retail store. I’d [...]

Building Loyal Customers – One Friend at a Time

When I recently observed a customer walking away empty handed, and one of my sales team thanking her for her time, I asked what had happened  – why no sale when the woman came in for a very [...]

5 Customer Service Mistakes That You’ve Probably Made

In a previous article, we shared various ways to offer great customer service to your customers. In this article, however, we’re going to shed a little light on small things you (or your staff) [...]

Don’t Judge A Book (or a Customer) By Its Cover

After working at a flagship Ralph Lauren location for over three years, I can easily tell you that when it comes to customers – I’ve seen it all! Celebrities, royalty from Saudi [...]

Is “Hi. We’re Out Of…” Really A Good Restaurant Greeting?

At the beach for vacation, I was surprised how many times we were greeted in restaurants with, “Hi. Tonight we’re out of…” While I appreciate the early update of what [...]

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