Media: “Behind the Scenes” Tour

Overview Inviting a local reporter or blogger into your business for a “Behind the Scenes” Tour allows you the opportunity to share your company’s expertise and what makes you [...]

Community Board

Overview Letting your customers know what you do in the community is important to both customers and employees. The Community Board is an opportunity to let customers know how you are embracing [...]

C’mon – Chicken – Just Do Social Media Already

What’s wrong with you? Too chicken to do social media? Bok bok! C’mon – you baby – stop being a wuss! Do social media already. I spend a lot of time convincing my clients [...]

1 Hour To Improve Your Business

Did you know that within the first 10 seconds of approaching and walking into your store or restaurant, customers make a quick-fire judgment of your business? What factors shape their opinion, [...]

5 Quick Tips on How to Create a Valuable Customer Rewards Program

How many customer reward cards are in your wallet, on your phone or on your keychain right now? Which ones do you actually use? Probably the ones that provide you with the most value. For me, my [...]

Tips for Today: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon… on March 17th. We want you to enjoy celebrating the day with your customers and employees. Read on for inspiration for the “luckiest” of [...]