Letting your customers know what you do in the community is important to both customers and employees. The Community Board is an opportunity to let customers know how you are embracing your objective to “contribute positively to your community and environment.”

By posting information pertaining to the organizations you support in the community, it shows customers you are a company that gives back.


The Community Board is also a great way to recognize employee volunteer efforts and tell others about your commitment and contributions to the neighborhood, environment, and local charitable groups.

Does Your Location Need a Community Board?

Before you invest in a Community Board, you should answer “Yes” to the following questions:

  1. Is my location involved within or planning to get involved within the community?
  2. Do my employees volunteer their time within the community?
  3. Does my location have space for a board?

If you answered YES to the above questions, consider obtaining a Community Board for your location.

Community Board Do’s and Don’ts

Here are our recommendations for best use of a Community Board.

  • Do showcase your participation and involvement in the local community
  • Do post information about a community event or activity sponsored by your location. These could include special events, live music, and other activities that provide a service to the local community.
  • Do post photos of employees participating in community events or activities.
  • Do post positive news articles about your location’s community involvement.
  • Do post “thank you” letters and awards or certificates pertaining to your support within the community.
  • We don’t recommend that you post information on any event in which your company is not involved.
  • Do not post classified ads, for rent/for sale signs or regulatory signage (e.g. pregnancy warnings, hand washing, etc.).
  • Do not post any employee activity information that is personal in nature and/or not associated with your company.
  • Regularly take a look at the items on the board and remove out-of-date materials and other items that don’t fit the rules you’ve created for appropriate posting.

Here are some good and bad examples.

  • Nice Community Calendar of Events and changes monthly. Prominently featured in the store.

Community Calendar


  • Bad example: Sharing employee news on the Community News board.

Neighborhood News