Reward Program Apps: Local Marketing On The Go

Chances are, you carry around one of those sandwich / coffee / frozen yogurt punch cards in your wallet. You know the type: purchase 9 coffees, get the 10th free? It’s ok, we have one too. [...]

How To Use Social Media As An Effective Customer Service Tool

The Background It’s no secret that social media is an easy way to grow your brand identity and instantly reach your customers (and potential customers). But many retailers, restaurants, and [...]

Make Customers Feel Welcome To Build Customer Loyalty

One of the secrets to building and maintaining customer loyalty is making customers feel welcome. During the holiday season, and into the New Year you will be visited by customers old and new. [...]

The Super Bowl: Great Local Marketing Opportunities

With the Super Bowl only 10 days away, the hype surrounding all the commercials and advertisements is starting to build. And as Alaska Airlines showed us, it’s a great opportunity to be [...]

Convert Your Single-Visit Customers To Repeat Visits

If your business offered gift cards or certificates during the holiday season, now is when you’re seeing customers coming in to redeem them. While we should always be nice and welcoming to all of [...]

Why Launching a Customer Loyalty Program is Worth the Gamble

What type of small business do you own? A coffee shop? A burger joint? A small boutique? Let’s say you own a small wine shop. Think about all the other places that your customers can buy [...]

LSM Spotlight: Stacy Dabney Ramirez

Stacy Dabney Ramirez, Owner  Bella Bethesda Salon, Bethesda, Maryland Stacy at Bella Bethesda is our latest LSM Spotlight feature. LSM Spotlight showcases great people doing great local store [...]

Customer Rewards & Loyalty: A Primer

No matter whether you own a restaurant or a retail shop, you want your customers to be loyal to you and your business and to choose you over your competitors. Sometimes, you can incentivize your [...]