Make Customers Feel Welcome To Build Customer Loyalty

One of the secrets to building and maintaining customer loyalty is making customers feel welcome. During the holiday season, and into the New Year you will be visited by customers old and new. [...]

The Importance of Employee & Customer Feedback

Customer comment cards. You see them along with your receipt from dinner, or next to the check-out at your favorite spa. Do you ever fill them out? Ever wonder what happens to that card? Does [...]

How To Use Social Media As An Effective Customer Service Tool

The Background It’s no secret that social media is an easy way to grow your brand identity and instantly reach your customers (and potential customers). But many retailers, restaurants, and [...]

Good LSM: Customer Chats

Happy Friday! We’ve got an easy and effective marketing idea for your small business today. We spotted this idea at Whole Foods in Atlanta, GA in November, and completely forgot to post [...]

Good LSM: Anniversary Celebrations

Hosting an anniversary or birthday party for your business is a great way to celebrate the launch of a new product or service, celebrate with (and thank) your customers and bring your community [...]

Big Chain Acting Better Than Mom & Pop

Got a minute? Take a look at these two paragraphs from a story from the New York Times. The writer talks about how they passed up their local Brooklyn coffee shops and “gave in” to [...]

Tools for Tomorrow: Holiday Surprises

With all of the extra traffic your location is bound to see between Black Friday and New Years Day, you owe it to yourself to find ways to surprise and delight your holiday guests! For starters, [...]

Good LSM: Celebrate Your Customers

How often do you make a fuss over your customers? And no, we don’t just mean saying “thank you” as they check out or holding the door open for them as they leave (although, [...]