What is Local Store Marketing?

 In Be Locally Relevant, Create Community, Drive Traffic

Usually, when visiting a new city, we like to go to restaurants, bars or shops that are unique to the area – where the locals go to get what they need. It helps us feel like less of a tourist and we usually get a true taste of the city we’re visiting. But, how do these certain places become “the local hangouts?”

Chances are, these places became well known and respected in their neighborhoods because of their Local Store Marketing efforts. Their neighbors and customers feel connected and loyal to their location and wouldn’t dream of visiting the competition.

How Do You Do Local Store Marketing?

Local Store Marketing is about driving your business by making your location locally relevant – or, in other words, by making your business a part of your community. It’s about connecting your location to your customers, your neighborhood, and your community. Do you care what they care about? Are you giving them something that no one else is or can? Are you speaking their language, literally and figuratively?

Local Store Marketing is cost-effective and fun. Sometimes it means throwing a party for your customers. Other times, it means finding a school in your neighborhood that needs school supplies and figuring out a way to help. It doesn’t mean spending every cent of your marketing budget on a huge advertising campaign.

However, Local Store Marketing isn’t an easy solution to your marketing challenges. Just like a national marketing campaign, it requires planning, long-term commitment, and creativity. It also requires you and your business to make meaningful and personal connections with the businesses, neighbors, schools, and organizations in your neighborhood.

Why Do You Do Local Store Marketing?

Here’s what Local Store Marketing can do for you and your business:

  • Enhance your reputation in the community
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Build awareness of your brand
  • Drive traffic and sales to your business
  • Develop recognition and respect within the local community

Here at LSMGuide, we want to help you and your business become one of the “local hangouts” that someone like me would visit while in a new city.

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