Spring is Here!

 In Be Calendar Relevant

Today is the First Day of Spring (also known as the Spring Equinox).

For many, the Spring season often conjures up feelings of renewal and starting over. After all, flowers are blooming, cute little chicks and ducks are being born, and there’s a sweet freshness in the air. So, why not incorporate those same sentiments into your retail or restaurant storefront?

Here are a few easy ways to embrace the Spring season:

  • Literally refresh your store front and interiors! Don’t worry about spending a ton of money – a new coat of paint and some fresh flowers should do the trick. You could even rearrange the interior of your store – give it a little “face lift!”
  • Hold a “Spring Cleaning” sale at your retail location to unload leftover Winter merchandise – this way you can make room for new Spring and Summer items.
  • Invite customers, friends and family to a Spring Fling party at your restaurant or retail location – showcase your new Spring menu or product offerings, and sample, sample, sample!

How do you turn another ordinary day into a fun excuse to celebrate with your customers?

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