Tips for Today: Seasonal Hiring

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Memorial Day has come and gone. Can you believe it? That means summer is officially upon us! Depending on where you live, the summer months can mean an influx of tourists, seasonal residents or students returning home from school. If your business needs to hire seasonal employees to accommodate this rush, here are a few tips for success!

Seasonal Hiring Tips

Get started!

Many colleges are already out for the summer, so don’t delay in posting your needs on your website, job search engines and by using in-store signage! Another great tip is to reach out to your seasonal employees from last year – even if they aren’t available, they may know somebody who is!

Advertise on social media.

In addition to posting your openings on traditional job sites and your website, use the visual nature of sites like Facebook and Instagram to your advantage. Fun and engaging pictures will help create a sense of what it’s like to work for you – perfect for attracting those college and high school students!

Train them like full-time or permanent employees.

 Even though most of these employees will be just temporary or seasonal help, they should still fit within your company’s culture. As the summer season is busy for both consumers and retailers, you want to make sure that your seasonal help will be there to support you and take care of your customers.

Take charge early on.

With more employees to manage, you might get overwhelmed at the prospect of scheduling and leading a larger team. Set team-wide expectations for requesting time off, switching shifts, or taking breaks during shifts. You don’t want to get to the 4th of July and realize that everyone wants off (and they always do).

Plan to recap at the end of the season.

Set time aside to recap with each seasonal employee so that you can get and give feedback, and set yourself up for success next summer. Take a look back at the whole summer and make notes on times when you were busiest (and if you were adequately staffed) so that you can better prepare for next year.


Have you started hiring for the summer yet?

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