Put On A Show to Increase Sales

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Let us clarify: we’re not talking about a Broadway review or Cabaret (although, we guess you could do those types of shows too). We’re talking about engaging your customers with exciting sampling stations and demonstrations of new products or services. You see, when your customers can try what you’re selling, they’re more likely to buy it for themselves! Many businesses do sampling or demonstration on-site (within the walls of their business) or off-site (at an event or a busy public space).

But there’s more to sampling than putting out a plate of cheese cubes with toothpicks in them. Here are our top 5 tips for putting on a great show for your customers:

Sampling and Product Demonstrations: Top 5 Tips

Write the Script

What do you want to say about this new product or service? While it may be tempting to let your employees “wing it” and just hand out the samples, it’s best to come up with a few key phrases about the menu item, product or service that they can use to accurately describe what you’re selling. Make sure they know the background on the product, current pricing, and answers to any common questions you might anticipate.

Cast the Characters

Sampling and demonstrations require lots of one on one interaction with your customers. Make sure you select employees that are positive representatives of your brand and that enjoy chatting with customers. However, see if you can’t each employee to take a turn sampling or demonstration to boost their experience interacting with customers.

Set the Stage

If you’re sampling or doing a demonstration at your business, make sure you have full-sized products nearby so customers can grab and go. If you’re putting on the show outside of your business, have information customers can take with them about your business or new product offering. Make your sample or demonstration station noticeable with signage, balloons, music or some other signifier so it draws customers in.

Don’t Forget the Props

What “props” you’ll need will depend on where you’re sampling or demonstrating, but one big prop you don’t want to forget is a trashcan. After your customers sample your product, you want to make sure they can dispose of any trash right away. You don’t want the impression your business leaves behind to be garbage. Other props might include sweetener or cream for coffee samples, napkins, or utensils.

Do you use sampling or product demonstrations to drive trial at your business? Let us know in the comments section below!

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