LSMerriment: Pre-New Years Eve Party

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For the month of December, we’re celebrating “25 Days of LSMerriment.” In other words, we’re sharing 25 great holiday local store marketing ideas to inspire you this season and help drive sales!

Today, we’re sharing a New Year’s Eve marketing idea from Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington, D.C. They’re hosting a New Year’s Eve neighborhood cookout!


While they’re also hosting an official New Year’s Eve party (taking place later in the evening), this idea appeals to a whole different segment of their customers. Maybe those customers don’t want to pay $100+ for a night out at a single bar, or they already have plans to go to a house party later that night. The’ll get all the perks of a “all-inclusive” New Year’s Eve party, but on a more casual and less expensive scale. We love it!

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