Tips for Today: New Year’s Brunch

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With 2016 just 16 days away, we thought it was high time we shared some New Year’s Day marketing ideas that are perfect for your restaurant or bar! While there’s not much time to plan for this year, you can put one (or more) of these ideas into action for next year!

First up: an idea from Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis, MN. Last year, instead of promoting only their pre-Christmas holiday menu items, they promoted a “12 Days of Christmas” special from December 24 – January 4. What a great opportunity to showcase some of their favorite brunch items! We love that they made sure to include successful experiments AND their customers’ favorites.


Next up, an idea from The Herkimer – also in Minneapolis, MN! (Wow, those Minneapolians really know how to brunch!) We love how their brunch is themed (who doesn’t love disco, deep down?) and that they have several activities to keep guests there all day: disco, mimosas, food, bingo, shuffleboard (the “puck off”)… the list goes on!


Now, just because your catering outfit or restaurant can’t (or doesn’t want to) host a big New Year’s Day event doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun (and business!). Instead, you could figure out a way to help your customers celebrate at home! Check out this great example from Bristol Farms Catering in Southern California. All the customer has to do is pick up some coffee, orange juice, and maybe some Champagne to ring the new year in in style.

Holiday Brunch


Will you be celebrating New Year’s Day with your customers?

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