Bad LSM: Ridiculously Complicated WIFI Password

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In our new series “Good LSM, Bad LSM,” we share real-life examples of both good and bad Local Store Marketing (LSM) we see as we’re out and about to help you in your marketing and sales driving activities.

Many coffee shops, restaurants, bars and even retail shops offer free WIFI to their customers. And usually, if the WIFI networks are password-protected, the passwords are easy words to remember, like, “cupcake” or “coffee,” or simply the name of the business.

However, we spotted this ridiculous WIFI password at a coffee shop recently.


We have a question for this coffee shop… Do you want your customers to actually stay and enjoy your WIFI? Or, do you want them to be so bothered that they have to enter this long password each time that they just leave and go to the nearest Starbucks?

Why not have a little fun with your WIFI password? Make it “bestcoffee” or “yummymuffin” to let your customers know you don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s just WIFI, after all.

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