5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

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You know how it goes… you (and your business) only have one chance to make a first impression! Make sure it’s a great one with our top five tips.

1. Take a good look around

Sure, those boxes of unpackaged merchandise sitting in the corner aren’t hurting anybody, and that dusty ceiling fan has seen better days, but what do these eye sores look like to your customers? If you need help taking a “fresh eyes” approach, imagine that a secret shopper will be visiting your small business in the coming weeks – what things would you fix before their visit?

5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

2. Experience your business like your customer would

Go online and search for your business. What comes up? How does your website work from the customers’ end? How about your social media channels – are they informative, up to date, relevant? Call your business (from a number your employees might not know) to see how they answer the phone. Visit your competition and check out how you feel and what you see, smell and experience in each location. Visit all areas of the business that a customer would: bathroom, dressing room, waiting area, cash register, etc. Take mental (or real) notes, and then do the same for your business. How do you stack up?

3. Ask your employees for help

Your employees likely have some insight on how to make your business run more smoothly, efficiently or in a way that makes the customer happier. Ask them for their honest feedback, and then ask them to help you achieve those goals.

5 ways to make a great first impression

4. Read online reviews

Don’t be scared to read your reviews online, and don’t get defensive if some of them seem unfair. Take away valid and constructive criticism, and do what you can to rectify those issues. (P.S. Don’t forget to manage your business on various online review sites – simply replying to reviewers is a huge step that many businesses don’t take.)

5. Clean up

Any area your customer sees, touches or experiences should be clean. This means it should look clean, smell clean and be well stocked with whatever they might need (toilet paper in the bathroom, cream and sugar on the coffee bar, etc.) and free of trash. Little messes happen in every business, but if it happened in your home during a party would you just let it sit there? We don’t think so.


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