Top 10 Busiest Days for Online Shopping

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Do you have an online store for your small business?

If so, listen up! You may already be preparing for Cyber Monday, but what about the other 9 busiest online shopping days of the holiday season?

According to research done by, the following days are the busiest pre-holiday online shopping days:

  1. December 2 (Cyber Monday)
  2. November 29 (Black Friday)
  3. December 9
  4. December 11
  5. December 10
  6. December 16
  7. December 13
  8. December 3
  9. December 8
  10. December 12

Prepare for these busy days by staffing extra customer service representatives (to handle any inquires or issues) and allocating extra time the next day for shipping all of your new orders on time.

Good luck, e-commerce teams!

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