Increase Loyalty With Thoughtful Customer Service

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Last week, the East Coast of the United States sustained days of heavy rain, high winds and thunderstorms. Central Virginia was no exception! Braving the elements to do some grocery shopping, I headed to Whole Foods.

thoughtful customer service

As I approached the entrance of the store, I noticed a group of employees standing outside. They appeared to be high schools students – perhaps working a shift at their summer job at Whole Foods. They were armed with towels, wiping down carts as they were returned (by customers or other employees) to the sidewalk. They were talking amongst themselves, and I heard one employee say,

“This is such a small thing – it takes no time at all. But I think it makes a big difference – I wouldn’t want to grab a wet cart!”

The other employees readily agreed.

They’re right – it is a small thing, and it does make a big difference! These employees are helping their customers take respite from the storm by entering Whole Foods with a dry cart. Plus, their outlook is to (rightfully) treat the customer how they would want to be treated. Thoughtful customer service!

I’ve also seen it done the wrong way – wet carts piled up outside a store, with a stray role of paper towels nearby for customers to wipe down the carts themselves.

It would be easy to take the latter mindset..

“Oh well, it’s raining. The carts are going to be getting wet all day, and customers know it’s raining so they’re expecting that. It’ll be fine.”

It’s true – customers know that it’s raining. But, do they know that you truly care about the experience they have at your store or restaurant? Do they feel like they are being treated as you would want to be treated? Maybe not. Take the time to train your employees to be thoughtful and show your customers that you care.

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