Good LSM: Creative Tip Jars

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We’re always on the look out for unique small business marketing ideas, and we spotted this creative tip jar at our local coffee shop, Buzz Bakery.

Creative Tip Jars

While creative tip jars are nothing new, we still like seeing the good ones around. Not only does it provide an incentive for customers to tip (presumably still for good service, regardless of how creative the jar) but depending on the subject of the tip jar, it’s a great way to spark up a conversation with your customers! Or, they might find themselves chatting with other customers. Or, it might just give them a laugh and a great start to their day.

Whatever the outcome, a creative tip jar is a fun and easy way to extend the voice of your brand to your customer. Have your employees help you come up with “this or that” tip surveys (like the one above) or other creative ideas to engage your customers at the POS.

Have you seen any creative tip jars out there? Or, have you made one yourself?

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