LSMerriment: Beer Sampler Gift

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For the month of December, we’re celebrating “25 Days of LSMerriment.” In other words, we’re sharing 25 great holiday local store marketing ideas to inspire you this season and help drive sales!

Today, we’re sharing an idea from Dogfish Head Brewpub. It’s a fun and easy idea for a wine or beer shop, or even a specialty gourmet store to implement for the holidays.


This gift is easy for customers to grab and go – plus, the non-beer add-ons (bottle opener, pint glasses, and reusable bag) are great advertisements for their brand as they adorn the recipient’s bar at home. The fact that it clocks in at $20 is even better – it won’t break the bank for Secret Santa or office gift exchanges.

While they’re marketing this gift for the holidays, it’s definitely something that could be an option for customers year round!

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