20 Great Ideas For Group Volunteering

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Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to volunteer with your employees, you’re probably wondering exactly WHAT to do with them. Don’t worry, there are some volunteering efforts that are better suited for groups.

We’ve listed 20 ideas below to get your philanthropic juices flowing! Have fun!

  1. Distribute meals at a homeless shelter.
  2. Plant flowers or trees at your neighborhood park.
  3. Help organize a pet adoption event so your furry friends can get adopted!
  4. Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity.
  5. Spend time at a Senior Citizen Center.
  6. Adopt a sports program at your YMCA and coach them to victory!
  7. Volunteer with your local Special Olympics chapter.
  8. Help staff a marathon or other road race to raise money to support a certain cause.
  9. Visit local elementary schools to read to children.
  10. Host a bake sale for “No Kid Hungry” or other cause to end childhood hunger.
  11. Organize a “Trash Mob” where a group of people come together to pick up trash in a certain area.
  12. Volunteer to help set up for a community event or fair.
  13. Volunteer to clean up after a community event or fair.
  14. Organize a blood drive in collaboration with the American Red Cross.
  15. Provide refreshments at a local race or sporting event.
  16. With the city’s permission, volunteer to paint over graffiti or other vandalism in your neighborhood.
  17. Adopt a bedroom in a homeless shelter, and repaint it and make it feel like home.
  18. Rake leaves or pull weeds at an elderly neighbor’s home.
  19. Decorate a Senior Citizen Center, School or Hospital Wing for the holidays.
  20. Paint playground equipment and picnic tables at a school playground or park.

Have you ever volunteered with a larger group? What did you do, and how did it go? Let us know in the comments section below!

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