10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Employees, Customers

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Earth Day is just around the corner! Every year on April 22, over a billion people in over 190 countries get involved in various Earth Day celebrations, volunteer efforts and other events. From Seattle to San Juan, Bangkok to Brussels, Madrid to Marrakesh, people plant flowers and trees, lead recycling drives, clean up their neighborhoods and more—all on behalf of the environment.

Here are some fun ways you and your business can become a part of your local Earth Day festivities. As you’ll see, none of these items requires too much time, effort, or money. And what’s more, they’ll help you stand out as a business who cares about your community.

1. Organize a beach/park/lake clean-up for your employees and/or customers!

2. Plant flowers or trees in your community with your employees and/or customers.

3. Host a fundraiser at your location for a local environmental organization.

4. Donate all your proceeds on Earth Day to a local environmental organization.

5. Serve as a recycling drop-off point for used plastic bags, electronics, clothes, shoes, glasses, etc.

6. Host a “Trash to Treasure” art contest (participants create art out of recyclable items), and award the winner a prize.

7. Put organic or locally-produced goods in the spotlight at your retail shop.

8. Focus your customer education (classes, seminars or tastings) on eco-friendly or local products or menu items all month long.

9. Provide on-site catering, coffee/pastries or other goods to a community organization doing an Earth Day clean-up.

10. If you’ve got outdoor space to spare, partner up with a local nursery or farm and host a gardening demonstration for your customers.


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