Top 5 Components of a Successful Destination Event

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Over the past month, we’ve shared numerous examples of how you can make your location a destination for events. From game nights to seminars to charity events, there are so many fun reasons for you to host a special event for your customers.

Regardless of the type of event you want to host, there are 5 “must-haves” for success:

1. Incentive

What’s in it for your customers? Why should they come? Reasons could include:

  • Access to new information (a class or seminar)
  • Access to limited edition goods (tasting or seasonal launch)
  • Special discount or promotion

2. Opportunity

How are you going to use this opportunity to benefit your business? During any event you should be:

  • Sampling new products, menu items or services
  • Educating your customers about your products or services
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Partnering with another local business to cross promote to their customers
  • Encouraging customers to sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media

3. Promotion

How will anyone know to come to your event? You can promote your event using the following methods:

  • Social media
  • Flyers in your neighborhood
  • Traditional advertisements
  • Invitations to neighbors and local businesses
  • Telling customers about it at the POS
  • Community calendar (newspaper or online)

4. Resources

Can you afford to host an event for your customers? Depending on the type of event, you might need:

  • Extra staff
  • Time to train the staff
  • Extra seating
  • Televisions (for games or trivia)
  • Space for live music
  • Permit for live music
  • Budget for advertising
  • Materials for sampling or demonstrating

5. Schedule

When will your next event be? Take advantage of having all of these customers in your location by telling them about your next great event! Let your customers know through:

  • Social media
  • Your website
  • Your newsletter
  • In-store flyers or brochure
  • Community calendar (newspaper or online)
  • In-store signage


We hope you’ve found our Destination blog series informative and helpful. Questions or comments? Post them in our comments section below!

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