Make Your Location a Destination: Host Live Music

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Make it a weekly thing

The Beehive in Boston is known for their Jazz Brunch on Sundays. People come as much for the food as they do for the music! If you have the space to host a musical act weekly, and you think it’s something your customers would like, consider doing so! It could be the driving force to ensure repeat business week after week!


Make it a special occasion thing

Launching a new product or menu? Having a special sale or shopping event? Why not hire a DJ to make the event feel like a party? Larger department stores (like Macy’s or Nordstrom) often hire DJs to keep the energy up during a special shopping event or launch. If your space is big enough (and open in the evening), a DJ could be the perfect addition to your special events!


Make it a public thing

While open mic nights have gotten a bad wrap in the past, many coffee shops, cafes and bars are still encouraging local talent to come out and share their work weekly. Modern Times Coffee House in Washington, D.C. provides a welcoming and friendly environment for artists to share their work. By doing so, they’re inherently seen as part of the local arts community, rather than just another business in the community, and that’s a good place to be! You can make this format work in your restaurant, bar, cafe or specialty retail shop!


Make it an easy thing

What goes together better than coffee and jazz music? These two just belong together, and if jazz fits your coffeehouse or cafe’s vibe, why not just go with the flow? Artifact Coffee in Baltimore regularly hosts live jazz music (amongst other special events) that totally fit their elevated, but rustic, setting. What type of music fits your space?

Artifact Coffee


Have you hosted (or attended) any great music events lately? Let us know about them in the comment section below! Members, for more information on hosting live music at your location, check out our “Locally Relevant” Marketing Activities. Not a member yet? Join today! 



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