Good/Bad LSM: Community Boards

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In our series “Good LSM, Bad LSM,” we share real-life examples of both good and bad Local Store Marketing (LSM) we see as we’re out and about to help you in your marketing and sales driving activities. This week, we’re sharing a good and bad example!

It’s not uncommon to see a community board of some sort in coffee shops, cafes and sandwich shops these days. These boards serve as a way for either business or community members to share information about what’s going on in the store or neighborhood.

This week, we have two examples of Community Boards, both from the same Whole Foods Market. One is good, the other… well, not so much. Check them out below.

Good Community Board

The board below highlights different events that are going on in the store – special deals and promotions that would benefit the customer, allowing them to plan their return to the store, driving traffic and sales.
Community Calendar

Bad Community Board

The board below is labeled “Neighborhood News” but it is highlighting the employees of the store, not the neighborhood events or news. While putting a spotlight on employees is a good thing, employee news should live elsewhere. Rename the board or make this a true “Neighborhood News” board by accepting flyers or information from the customers in your neighborhood.

Neighborhood News

Do you have a community board up in your location? Let us know in the comments section below! And, see more in the “Good LSM, Bad LSM” series here.

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