Good LSM: Make it Easy for Your Customer

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We’ve scouted out lots of good and bad examples of local store marketing over the past few years, and one of the constant themes that prevails is: the easier something is (for your customers), the more likely they are to do it. Make it easy for them to buy a gift, make a return, order something online or over the phone, sign up for your newsletter, or find you online – and they’re likely to be a happy camper. Even eliminating one step from the process can be a huge help. That’s why we like this example of customer comment cards from Eno Wine Bar in Washington, D.C.:

Customer Comment Cards



Customer Comment Cards


The cards are eye-catching and witty. Plus, instead of asking customers to go online to sign up for their newsletter or fill out a survey about their experience, they give the customers the tools right at their table! We think customers will be more likely to provide honest feedback in the moment, and if they had a great experience, will be more likely to sign up to receive the newsletter right then and there!

While these types of cards aren’t uncommon in the restaurant world, we like the fresh, fun and personal approach that Eno took when designing the cards.


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