10 Easy Ways to Surprise & Delight Your Customers

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When people have an unexpected positive experience (say, they receive a compliment from a stranger, or win a raffle prize), it’s likely to be one they remember. That being said, customers probably know what type of experience to expect when they come into your restaurant or retail shop. After all, they’re coming in because they know (or hope) you can give them something they’re looking for (a cheeseburger, a new dress, a good bottle of wine). But, what if you surprised them with something fun, delightful and free that they weren’t looking for?

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

This is the nature of any surprise and delight marketing campaign. Chances are, customers that are routinely (but not predictably) surprised and delighted by a business, will become more loyal customers, and more likely to share their positive experience with friends and family via social media or other means of communication.

The good news is, surprise and delight marketing tactics don’t have to cost a lot of money. Many of the tactics below would have a big impact on how your customers feel about you, and could be implemented without much cost! That’s what local marketing is all about!

Read on for more inspiration, and share your surprise and delight ideas in the comments section below!

1. Offer them a (complimentary) cold bottle of water on a hot day.

2. Give them 10% off at the register – just because you feel like it!

3. Send a handwritten thank you note or flowers after an appointment or significant purchase.

4. Help them carry their bags to their car – even if they refuse at first!

5. Remember their birthday (or, make a note of it in their customer file) and send them a card or other small gift.

6. Offer your customers a complimentary glass of sparkling wine before dinner, or provide them with complimentary truffles after dinner.

7. Keep company umbrellas by the door, and offer to walk your guests to their car in the rain.

Umbrella Stand

Keep your customers dry (and happy)!

8. Add a little freebie (sample product or treat) to each shopping bag upon checkout.

9. If logistically feasible, offer to hand deliver shopping bags to your guests’ hotel rooms – if they are visiting from out of town. This will allow them to continue shopping in your neighborhood without the burden of heavy bags.

10. Include freshly baked bread with your customers’ to-go orders or doggy/leftover bags.

Have you ever implemented any ideas like this? How did they go over? Share your experiences with us in the comments sections below!

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