Walking the Walk: Starbucks’ Global Month of Service

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As a company, Starbucks is committed to creating positive change in the communities their cafés serve. Year round, Starbucks employees dedicate time and energy to giving back to hundreds of non-profit organizations across the world. In April, however, their efforts are amplified when they partner with more than ten corporations for their 4th Annual Global Month of Service. Companies like Alaska Airlines, Deloitte, and Fidelity Investments partner with their local Starbucks to volunteer within their community and make a difference.

During this Global Month of Service, it is estimated that more than 55,000 volunteers will come together to participate in over 2,000 projects in 40 countries. Whether the projects are centered around cleaning up a park, collecting food for the homeless, or rebuilding a community in need, they are an example of how Starbucks is using their omnipresence for global good.

In fact, Starbucks has set a goal of serving communities across the world with 1 million hours of community service by 2015. By partnering with big corporations, and dedicating the month of April to highlighting their community service, they stand a good chance of reaching that goal!

While community service should be a part of your year-long company plan, dedicating a month to boost your efforts is a great idea! It provides a focus for your employees and customers, and is a great excuse to celebrate the importance of giving back in your community. You could even use the opportunity to host an event (or a series of events) to announce your various community service (or fundraising) goals.

Have you ever partnered with Starbucks for their month of service? Or, do you have your own month of service? Let us know in the comments section below!

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