Local Store Marketing Tours: Amsterdam

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Our latest LSMTours visit was to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

As we’re out traveling in local markets, we take pictures…sampling, products, concepts, signage, promotions…and share highlights here on our blog and full details for members in our LSMTours Tool.

Amsterdam is always a great city for design and inspiration. Here are some highlights from our visit…


The Netherlands is known for cheese and you see it everywhere in Amsterdam. This visit we saw two new concepts all about cheese. Here’s one…

Old Amsterdam Cheese Store:

Old Amsterdam Cheese is a brand you find around the world in grocery stores. Now they have a flagship store on Dam Square in Amsterdam. The Westland Family successfully produced a secret recipe for their cheese decades ago and are still making it the same way today. When fully matured, Old Amsterdam cheese is smooth, rich, robust and easily sliceable. You can taste for yourself with their sampling stations throughout the new store. It’s a great example of being an expert in ONE product and bringing it to life through flavors, pairings and packaging.

Old Amsterdam Cheese Store

Old Amsterdam Sampling Station



Signage is critical to driving awareness of your location. These examples literally caught our eye.

Product Signs

There’s no mistaking what these places serve when you see them from the street. These signs are still working the way they did centuries ago.

Ice cream & waffles


The ‘mmm’ caught our eye (actually ‘mmm’ as a crow), but what really drew us in was the strong scents of chocolate wafting onto the street. And the contents delivered!



Showing off your ingredients and products front and center is the best way to draw customers in.


Europen bakeries do it so well…abundant display cases with delicious products.

Bakery abundance


This one was worth remarking about and sharing…

Lloyd Hotel

Also a Cultural Embassy, The Lloyd Hotel is the first 1-to-5 star hotel in the world and has rotating exhibits worth of even non-guests checking them out. While we stayed there, they had the first ever post office in a hotel. In addition to their great bar and restaurant, they’ve made themselves a destination for all AND worth of word of mouth buzz. We told people about where we were staying because of its offerings. You don’t often to that.

Lloyd Hotel

That’s a wrap of our LSMTours: Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a great city for inspiration. The Dutch are extremely innovative and design forward…even with their cheese. Their creativity can inspire all of us in our businesses.

Share any fun local marketing you seeing as you’re out on the streets.

Next LSMTour Stop…New York City!

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