Tips for Today: Holiday Decorating

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Holiday decorations can run the gamut in terms of taste. From purposefully tacky to elegant and refined, you likely seen examples of both (and everything in between) in your neighborhood during the holidays. So how do you decide how to best decorate your small business for the holidays, if at all?

Putting all discussion of religion aside, most retailers acknowledge the Christmas shopping holiday, whether through decorations, specialty packaging or by playing holiday music in their stores. But whether you do any or all of these things is up to you. For example: Do you have the budget for holiday decorations or packaging? Do you have the time and resources to decorate (and un-decorate) your store? And, most importantly, do you WANT to decorate your store?

Whatever you decide, the time to start planning (or not planning) is now. As we discussed in a previous article, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy once the holiday shopping season is underway. So, order your decorations, flower arrangements, blow-up dreidle, Christmas tree, or whatever else you might need to get ready. Then, set a date by which you want to have your location “transitioned” into your holiday decor. It’s not unusual for holiday merchandise to start hitting the shelves around Halloween, but you don’t have to start that early, unless you want to!



Here are a few small things you can do to get your business in the holiday spirit:

  • Decorate the outside of your location with fresh garland or a wreath
  • String brightly colored lights inside your shop
  • Put a fresh poinsettia flower at your register
  • Select a holiday Pandora or Spotify playlist to play in your store
  • Drop a candy cane in your customer’s shopping bag along with their receipt
  • Burn a richly scented holiday candle
  • Serve hot apple cider on busy (and cold) shopping days
  • Put out a holiday-themed welcome mat
  • Make paper snowflakes and hang them throughout the store
  • Put reindeer bells on your door

Will you decorate your business for the holidays?

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