Good LSM: Puppy Parking Lot

 In Be Locally Relevant, Good-Bad LSM

In our new series “Good LSM, Bad LSM,” we’ll share real-life examples of both good and bad Local Store Marketing (LSM) we see as we’re out and about. Feel free to share any examples you see in the comments section below!

Today, we’re sharing another example of “good” LSM, spotted at Del Ray Variety, a locally-owned general store in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Del Ray neighborhood in Alexandria is a very pet-friendly area, with most restaurants allowing dogs to accompany their families when they eat outside. However, not every store can allow pets inside.Pet_Parking_Lot_1

Despite their “No Pets Please” policy, Del Ray Variety doesn’t want you to leave your furry friend tied to a fire hydrant near the street.

So, they created a little pet “parking lot” for their customers.


Complete with “hitching post” and water bowls, this grassy area is far from the street and a safe place for pets to wait while you shop. What a great and inexpensive way to show your pet-loving customers that you care about them and their pets!

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