Let’s take a look at ideas for your seasonal or tourist location in a market where you may be competing with your own brand for customers.

Tourist Guides, Maps & Magazines

Consider getting your location added to area tourist maps, magazines and guides.

Concierge Partnerships

Work with concierge staff at area hotels to provide them with information, maps, menus, etc to drive traffic to your location.

Activity: Concierge Partnerships

Banner Signage

Host a Grand Opening event to officially build awareness and traffic to your location.

Activity: Banner Signage

A-Frame Sign

A-frame style sign which would sit, typically just outside the door of your location, to build awareness among existing foot traffic.

Activity: A-Frame Signage

Daypart Targeting

Create reasons for customers and potential customers to visit you during your slow periods. If - for example - evenings are slow, create a meaningful reason for folks to visit at that time.

Activity: Daypart Targeting

Out of Store Sampling / Demonstrations

Do sampling or demonstrations in your location to provide a chance for your customers to try what you do without risk.

Activity: Out of Store Sampling