A-Frame Signs are great attention-grabbing signs to use outside or inside your business to drive awareness and traffic with special messages and promotions.


A-Frame Sign Types

There are two main types of A-Frame Signs.

  • A-Frame with Signage Inserts: More colorful but requires you to print the signage.

  • A-Frame with Chalkboard: Easier to change and adjust your messaging as needed, since you hand-write the signs.

A-Frame Uses & Messaging

  • Ensure that the sign is prominently displayed outside your location so potential customers walking by will see it.
  • Well executed a-frame signs positioned correctly on the sidewalk can drive foot traffic and be spotted by drivers passing by.
  • Promote daily specials on your chalkboard to draw people inside. Or, use it inside to promote to current customers.
  • Announce new product launches or promotions.
  • Promote in-store events.
  • For Chalkboard signs, have fun with them and get your artistic employees involved in designing the message.
  • Use for new stores to announce NOW OPEN.
  • Make sure you use …
    • BRIGHT chalk/pens,
    • CLEAR handwriting, and
    • SIMPLE messages.

    Great example: bright, clean and simple!

    Fair example: bright but hard to read handwriting with two messages makes it less effective.


    Fair example: bright color, simple message but ghosting of prior chalk makes it hard to read.


    Bad example: too many message, hard to read, worn out.

Photo Source:http-//www.flickr.com/photos/waferboard/4642054280