Take sampling and demonstration efforts out of your store to let potential customers “try before they buy.” This reduces risk for your customers and drives awareness of your location.

Provide out-of-store sampling of key menu or product offerings. Sampling can often be done in high-traffic areas surrounding a store and can really help when you and your business are faced with visibility, awareness, or competitive challenges.


Consider high-traffic areas such as Metro stations or bus station exits if they are near your store. Ensure your employees are dressed in uniform (making them easily identifiable) and inform customers of your nearest location.

Ensure the samples you are offering are easy for customers to grab on the go, as they are mostly likely on the way somewhere!

Sampling at Community Events and Festivals is a great way to allow potential customers to try your products and provide information about your business. Be sure to have menus and/or business cards so they can visit you. Consider providing an offer like “Buy One, Get One Free” to further entice them to visit.

See the Sampling & Demonstration Guide for the comprehensive approach to this topic.

Photo Source: flickr.com/photos/tryveg/8027213944