To encourage visits and traffic to a slower part of the day, create special offers or events for that specific time of day.


A daypart is a term that means “part of the day.” It could be morning, afternoon, lunch, dinner, after dinner or evening. You decide what it is.

A Daypart Driver is marketing activity that drives traffic and sales to a specific time, most often a slower time. Perhaps Tuesday evenings are slow for you. Or that 2 pm to 3 pm time during the week. By creating events or special offers for that specific time of the day, you can help fill in slower dayparts.

Starbucks “Treat Receipt” is an example of this. They hand out a coupon with your morning coffee to try to get you back in the afternoon (a slower daypart).

Thought Starters

  • Consider hosting live music to draw people in on the evenings and weekends. See all the additional Destination Events in Marketing Activities for more ideas.
  • Consider opening earlier if there is the need or staying open later.
  • Actively suggestive sell additional items.
    • “Would you like a pastry with your coffee?”
    • “Would you like a glass of wine or appetizer with your entree?”
    • “Do you need jewelry or hosiery to go with your dress?”
  • Offer a discount or buy-one-get-one free offers on products in the afternoon (or your slow day part).
  • Offer an added value if people buy your product at a certain time of the week or month.
  • Host Reading Clubs or Mom Groups.
  • Create a menu or program for the daypart you’d like to grow like evening…for example offer dessert menu and table service if you don’t already.