Bring Your Facebook Page To Life: 5 Tips From A Local Store Doing It Right

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Have you ever visited a company’s website or Facebook page and felt as if you belonged there? Or, that they wrote their content with you in mind?

For me, Society Fair is that company. They are a “boutique emporium of epicurean delight” located in Alexandria, Virginia – and as a lover of cheese, wine and gourmet kitchen treats – my love for them was a no brainer.  But, as a marketing manager, their fantastic online voice and presence really sealed the deal for me.

I “liked” them on Facebook, and began receiving their informative, enticing and lovingly sassy updates in my news feed. When I visited the store for the first time, I felt like I already knew the staff, general layout and offerings, and felt comfortable in the store. I felt like I belonged.

Sounds silly, but isn’t that the point of social media? For companies to make a genuine connection to their customers? To make sure their customers know their business can give them what they want and need, and they shouldn’t go anywhere else to get it?

On that particular day, I was looking for duck fat for a fancy schmancy recipe I was making, and Society Fair had a tub waiting for me. I walked out, duck fat in hand, already thinking about the next time I would get to go back.

How can you convert your potential customers into loyal followers like me?Take a tip (or five) from the team at Society Fair.

5 Things They’re Doing Right:

1. Their messaging has a consistent voice.

It is eloquent, funny, and informative. Plus, it matches their tone of voice on their website, and “fits” with the experience you have in the store.

2. Promoting seasonal / holiday offerings.

The team at Society Fair makes sure to highlight each holiday (Hallmark or otherwise) with new offerings. For example, they put together custom Date Night bags for Valentine’s Day featuring steak, wine and all the fixin’s, and Easter Breakfast Bags featuring quiche, scones, sausage and sparkling wine.

3. Almost every post features a photo.

Whether it’s of a new baked good, or the chefs in action – most posts on their Facebook page have a photo or a link back to their website (with thumbnail photo). It makes sense – posts featuring photos receive 120% more engagement on Facebook than those without.

4. When possible, they tag photos or posts.

By tagging a post or photo with the name of a person or a company, their post will be seen on that person or company’s profile, and possibly in the newsfeed of their followers! Plus, it’s an easy way to share links to their vendors’ or suppliers’ Facebook pages.

5. They connect with their customers.

Whether it’s asking customers for suggestions on what to name their latest culinary creations, or responding to customer inquiries, praise, or complaints – Society Fair does it with grace and humor (and in real time, it seems!).


So tell us, what other companies are doing great things online?  We love real-life examples of companies leading by example!

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