The New Store Opening Guide Course has been designed to take you through the marketing-related steps to turn your new location into a sales-building and customer-making machine.

Course Requirements:

No special requirements.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Managers opening a new store location.
  • Also great for re-openings after a remodel.
  • Managers who want their sales to ramp up as quickly as possible upon opening.

Course Outline:

All the lessons included in this course.

  • New Store Opening Lessons
    • Getting Started
    • New Store Opening Strategies
    • Key Stages Of Opening A New Store
    • Secrets To A Successful Opening
    • Understanding Your Location: Planning Tools
    • New Store Marketing Plan
    • So Far So Good?
  • Pre-Opening Strategy
    • Pre-Opening: Strategies & Activities
    • Pre-Opening: Build Awareness
    • Pre-Opening: Drive Trial
    • Pre-Opening: Build Community
  • Grand Opening Strategy
    • Grand Opening Strategies & Activities
    • Grand Opening: Build Awareness
    • Grand Opening: Drive Trial
    • Grand Opening: Drive Traffic
    • Grand Opening: Create Community
  • Post-Opening Strategy
    • Post Opening Strategies & Activities
    • Post-Opening: Monitor
    • Post-Opening: Build Awareness
    • Post-Opening: Drive Trial
    • Post-Opening: Drive Traffic
    • Post-Opening: Create Community
  • Timeline & Conclusion
    • New Store Opening Timeline
    • New Store Opening Conclusion

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