How to do the things that keep customers coming back to you again and again – and reward them for their loyalty.

Course Requirements:

No specific pre-requisite.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Managers who want to Increase Traffic and Increase Average Ticket.
  • Those who want to create preference for their location vs. the competition.
  • Of course, those who wish to Drive Sales.

Course Outline:

All the lessons included in this course.

  • Drive Return Customer Visits Through Reward & Loyalty Programs
    • Introduction
    • Reward Programs
    • Reward Apps
    • 5 Tips For Creating A Valuable Rewards Program
    • Earning Loyalty By Giving It
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Like A Good Friend
    • Loyalty: The Experience
    • Loyalty: The Communication
    • Companies Doing Loyalty Right
    • Low Tech Loyalty Program
    • Swipely
    • In conclusion…

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