Top 5 Ways to Attract Quality Employees

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When looking for new employees, it’s easy to get caught up in the prospective employees’ qualifications, skills, and work experience. But it’s important to take time to consider how your company appears to those prospective employees. Are you an attractive candidate?

Here are our top 5 ways to stand out from your competition!

1. Pay more than the market rate for your employees. If you pair down your salary packages too much then you are giving your applicants an excuse to look elsewhere. Make sure you know what the going rates are for the positions you’re hiring for. You don’t have to go crazy, but you do need to make sure you’re not at the very lowest end of the scale unless there are some serious perks and opportunities for advancement within the company.

2. Speaking of perks, get creative! Most companies are able to offer their full-time employees the basic benefits. But, as we discussed in a blog post from a few weeks ago, not all perks are created equal! Find out what’s important to your current employees, and see if you can incorporate those benefits into your company culture.

3. Offer profit sharing. By offering shares or profit sharing for employees that have done particularly well, or have been an integral part of a successful advancement of the company, you will create more buy-in and engagement from your existing employees. And, it’s likely that  prospective employees will want to own a piece “of the pie” as well!

4. Promote your company culture and brand. What do your employees love most about working for your company? The flexible work environment? The open-door and collaborative nature of your work? Or is it the spontaneous off-site team-building activities? Whatever it is, make sure it is very clear to prospective employees! Include your company culture as part of your website, marketing collateral and social media efforts. This will help you stand out from other companies offering the same salaries, benefits, and perks.

5. Showcase opportunities for growth. Talented people like to be challenged, and like to know that there isn’t a glass ceiling on their growth within a company. When appropriate, during the interview process, share stories of employees that have made their own path within the company, or set up a time for a prospective employee to shadow someone who started where they once were.


How have you attracted your most valuable employees? Share your experience with us in the comment sections below!

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