Smart Marketing for Smart Marketers

Tools To Grow Your Sales & Grow Your Customers

You are here because you need to drive sales at your business
and need help.

You need to…

  • Drive traffic,
  • Build awareness,
  • Stand out from your competition, and
  • Be a better part of the community.

But, you also…

  • Want proven action steps, not abstract “ideas” or time wasters.
  • Don’t have the budget to pay $10,000 to a consultant.

You have found the right place.

The LSMGuide local store marketing courses are designed for you.

Who Is Using LSMGuide?

  • Restaurants & Cafes – from fine dining to fast casual, wine bar, coffee shop, tea salon – both small business and big chains.
  • Specialty Retailers – bakery, electronic, clothing, toys, home and kitchen stores.
  • Service Providers – hair salon, day spa, real estate agent, karate studio.
  • Multi-Unit Brands – store managers and franchisees using LSMGuide to give them an edge over their competition and their peers.
  • Franchisors – using LSMGuide as their marketing portal to provide tools for their franchisees.
  • Drive Traffic
  • Build Awareness
  • Increase Ticket
  • Beat Your Competition
  • Increase Frequency
  • Build Loyalty
  • Be Locally Relevant
  • Be The Leader

Make Your Business a Customer-Building,
Sales-Driving Machine in 2016!

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Marketing Holidays 

  1. Beaujolais Nouveau Day

    December 19
  2. Christmas Eve

    December 24
  3. Christmas Day

    December 25
  4. Holiday Breather Day

    December 28
  5. New Year’s Eve

    December 31