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Be relevant to your customers is life/business rule #1.

This outdoor ad at a tram stop in Amsterdam caught my eye for two reasons… 1) It’s for a new coffee product. 2) It’s very locally relevant.

Very clever… It’s a ‘map’ of an Amsterdam-like city. But it’s also the shape of a woman drinking the new product.

[click on the below image for a larger view]Cafe Fresco Ad Image

Below is a detail of a section around the ear/eyes… you can see street names, etc.

Cafe Fresco Detail
The text reads…
Cafe Fresco
The ice-cold coffee drink for when you’re on the go!

This ready-to-drink cold coffee beverage is being produced by two large Dutch brands… Douwe Egberts coffee company (which is actually owned by Sara Lee… and may be better known in the US for their collaboration with Philips to create the Senseo coffee maker) and Campina a dairy company.

The Campina site states… “The nice coffee of Douwe Egberts and the ice-cold fresh milk of Campina form the perfect basis for this purely Dutch ice-cold coffee drink.”

The website for Cafe Fresco features young, active good-looking Dutch people, doing active fun Dutch stuff… shopping, catching a train, and even a guy falling on his bike…

The product is being sold in grocery stores as well as gas stations.

This drink is a knock-off of very similar to Starbucks ready-to-drink fresh (i.e. short expiration date) called Discoveries, which is sold throughout Asia.

Starbucks Discoveries Product
Fun Facts:

  • Coffee to-go is a newer concept in the Netherlands.
  • Coffee is served everywhere in Amsterdam… Cafes, restaurants, and machines at work… you even get it free while doing business at the bank or while shopping in the grocery store.
  • It’s polite to offer/have coffee ready when a service or repairperson does work at your home.
  • The Dutch were the first to grow coffee in Europe.
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