Convert Your Single-Visit Customers To Repeat Visits

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If your business offered gift cards or certificates during the holiday season, now is when you’re seeing customers coming in to redeem them.

While we should always be nice and welcoming to all of our customers… You should alert your staff to take extra care with those with a gift card or certificates.

Why? A good number of these certificate holders are customers who may be new to your business. What you do may be new to them. They could easily get lost in the shuffle with your regulars. Make sure they know how to navigate your store – find what they need. Ensure they get how your menu is set-up. Let them know about the specials and options your regulars have discovered.

We like the idea of “rolling out the red carpet” for these people. Make them feel like royalty at your place.

Starbucks_Gift_Card_RegistrationTaking it a set further. By offering meaningful communication and rewards to your customers through an email or printed communication can build a relationship and loyalty between you and your customers.

Starbucks has the right idea. Take gift card recipients and start that communication. When you register your Starbucks Gift Card you receive freebies, updates, and bonuses. Starbucks provides incentives to visit more often. This is a great way to create repeat customers.

By paying extra attention, you’ll be able to convert those who were simply visiting your location because of a freebie to return customers. By offering a sign-up rewards program – or at least an enewsletter – you’ll be able to keep in touch with your customers and help to build loyalty.


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