With these smart tools, you will turn your best customers into super-fans who will be quick to recommend your business to their friends. These evangelical customers will serve as a potent marketing force for your business.

Course Requirements:

No pre-requisite.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Those who need to Build Awareness of their location, products or services.
  • Those who want to stand out among the competition within a market.
  • When you want to Drive Traffic and Drive Sales to your location.

Course Outline:

All the lessons included in this course.

  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing & Referral Building
    • Introduction
    • We Have Become Numb To Advertising
    • What is Word-of-Mouth?
    • Being Remarkable
    • What Prevents Remarkability?
    • How To Become Remarkable
    • How To Stand Out From The Crowd
    • How to Become “Talkable”
    • Word-of-Mouth Course Mid-Point
    • Check All The Boxes
    • Tools To Help With Word-of-Mouth
    • Word-of-Mouth: What NOT To Do
    • Social Media
    • In Conclusion…
    • BONUS: WOM Glossary

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