How To Stand Out From The Crowd


How To Stand Out From The Crowd

In the next sections, we feature six marketing experts and their recommends to help you stand out from the crowd.

Stand Out: Create ‘Wow!’


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Author and motivational speaker Tom Peters states that creating “Wow!” helps you from being average and helps you stand out.

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Stand Out: Find Your Dramatic Difference?

Doug Hall: Offer Dramatic Difference

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According to Doug Hall, it isn’t enough to be different… you have to be dramatically different.

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Stand Out: Create A Purple Cow

Seth Godin: Creating A Purple Cow[read article →]

Seth Godin suggests you have to stand out like a purple cow!

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Stand Out: Create Your ‘Dominant Selling Idea’

Bill Schley: Dominant Selling Idea

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According to Bill Schley, you need to highlight – or if you don’t have one create – your dominant selling idea.

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Stand Out: Create A Contagion

Guy Kawasaki: Create A Contagion

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Guy Kawasaki suggests “creating a contagion.” Something that infects people with enthusiasm to talk about you.

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Stand Out: Zag!

Marty Neumeier: Zag!

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Marty Neumeier recommends, to stand apart from the crowd… when everybody zigs,  you zag!

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