Turn Your Business Card Into a Sales Driver

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On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Yun Wang, the founder of Infoduce, a web service that bridges the gap between traditional business cards and a dynamic online presence.

Here’s how it works: Infoduce helps you create a personalized mobile portal that changes your business card into an engagement platform.

Ok let’s back up.

Take a look at your current company’s business card. What information does it contain? Basic contact information… email, website, phone number, etc. When you hand someone this business card, action has to be taken (by either that person or you) to continue the engagement. If you want to share files, your resume, your portfolio, or whatever with that person, further steps need to be taken. Logistics are involved.

While working as the Chief Business Development Officer for a non-profit, Yun knew there had to be a better way to interact with both consumers and other businesses. One that involved less logistics.

So, with the help of co-founder Dan Nichols, Yun launched Infoduce. Infoduce helps customers create an online profile / mobile site in minutes and instantly be able to link it to print media through a QR code. What you put on your online profile / portal is up to you! You can include your resume, links to connect on social media, menus, case studies, marketing collateral… whatever! And the best thing is, you can constantly update what’s in your portal (revised resume, new case study) so that it’s always up to date. Additionally, Infoduce can help you create a new business card or it can take your existing business card design and modify it to include your new customized QR code.


So, how could your company benefit from Infoduce?

Well, for starters, it’s the perfect way to “hand” a potential customer everything they need to know about your business. Say you run a restaurant that provides catering services. Your customized QR code would take this customer to your online portal, where they would find information about your business, your regular and catering menus, ordering forms, and anything else that you want to include. They could make the decision to order right then and there, and have all the tools they need.

Do you run a retail shop? Well, Infoduce is an easy way to keep customers informed about new merchandise! You could create a folder on your online portal containing photos of all your new goodies. You could also include your newsletter for download, and provide other ways for your customers to connect with you (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

So far, Infoduce users love that they can give others direct (and instant) access to their portfolio or their marketing materials. Businesses love using Infoduce because they can create online personas for each of their employees, and constantly update / monitor the marketing materials that are in their online portals. This ensures that their customers (or potential customers) are receiving the same branded materials, no matter which employee they’re working with.

We think Infoduce is an awesome idea, with potential to change how businesses and people connect!

To learn more about Infoduce, send a message to: info@infoduce.com !

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