Drive Sales Through Calendar Events, Anniversaries

 In Be Calendar Relevant, Drive Traffic

I just received this great ad in my email from ThinkGeek.

They highlight that today is the anniversary of the Ice Cream Cone and provide an offer code TWISTYCONE to receive a discount.

Ice cream cones have nothing to do with geeky gadgets that ThinkGeek sells, but it doesn’t matter.

Local Store Marketing

What way can you leverage holidays and anniversaries to drive interest, traffic, sales… or just break the everyday pattern?

According to Wikipedia, In St. Louis, Missouri during the 1904 Saint Louis Exposition, the Banner Creamery’s owner George Bang was selling ice cream. Allegedly, he ran out of bowls and was given rolled-up waffles to serve it in instead. Others credit Ernest A. Hamwi, a waffle maker at the World Fair, as the first inventor.


Today is also National Hot Dog day… So go on and do your patriotic duty and grab yourself a dog for dinner and an ice cream cone for dessert.

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