Bad LSM: Make It About the Customer

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In our new series “Good LSM, Bad LSM,” we share real-life examples of both good and bad Local Store Marketing (LSM) we see as we’re out and about to help you in your marketing and sales driving activities.

This week’s example is an Autumn promotion from a day spa. While we love the idea of Autumn/Fall promotions and this piece is very seasonal, the headline is all about the spa, not about the customer.

It could easily be turned around to say “We’re falling in love with YOU this Autumn,” and we’re celebrating with an Autumn event and great offers just for YOU.

It’s already a great event with lots of offer but this simple change of direction and wording would make the customer feel valued and drive loyalty. Then they could use that language throughout the promotion and the event.


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Feel free to share any examples you see in the comments section below!

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