A ribbon-cutting event is used at a Grand Opening or Grand Re-Opening to celebrate the official opening of a location.

It signifies the official opening or start of business. This makes a great photo opportunity for the media, especially when you have involved local dignitaries and celebrities to your event.


In advance, invite the Mayor, other local dignitaries or local celebrities to participate. Also, make sure you have customers gathered for the Ribbon Cutting.

A ribbon cutting ceremony is great, but think about what you can do to customize the ribbon cutting for your business.

At Starbucks we would host a “First Pour” ceremony or “First Shot” where the first official beverage was poured or first espresso shot was served. This was the Starbucks-themed way to have a ribbon cutting.

Think about what you can do at your location to make the ribbon cutting relevant for your business. For example, you could do a…

  • First Waffle ceremony… or first pancake flip if you are a breakfast place.
  • If you run a retail store, untie a scarf (women’s clothes) or a tie (men’s clothes).
  • Or, unveil your window display with the drop of a curtain.

Make it fun.


Linked below is a sample event flow for a grand opening event, including ribbon cutting ceremony.

See the New Store Opening Guide for the comprehensive approach to this topic.