LSMerriment: Starbucks Refill Tumbler

 In Be Calendar Relevant, Drive Traffic, Increase Frequency

For the holiday season, Starbucks is doing a Gift of the Week program. Today they are featuring $10 off their Espresso Refill Tumbler, which means $65 for a tumbler that you can bring in every day during the month of January for a free espresso beverage.

At an average ticket of $4.00, you’ll need to visit 16 times to get the value. For regular customers, its a great deal. They may be spending $120+ per month at Starbucks if they are going every day.

It’s a great deal for Starbucks getting $65 for a tumbler. They are betting that people won’t use it that often and come out ahead.

Interesting tactic to drive holiday sales and people back into their stores in January.

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