LSMerriment: New Year’s Eve Great Gatsby Style

 In Be Calendar Relevant, Drive Traffic, Increase Ticket

The new Salamander Resort & Spa is ringing in the new year with an ALL Great Gatsby Party. From their restaurants to their wine bar, there are options for hotel guests or just those looking for a celebratory venue.

The Harrimans Grill is offering a Four Course Menu for early diners (5:30 – 7pm seatings). Then further celebration opportunities with a Six Course Tasting Menu including champagne toast and dancing in the Living Room (8:30 – 9:30 seatings).

Their Gold Cup Wine Bar is also hosting a themed party from 9:30 to 1:30am with favors, After Midnight Munchies buffet and sparkling wine toast.

Countdown to 2014 — LSMerriment

For those interested in staying the night, room rates start at their average of $450 per night, but to encourage additional night stays, the rate is only $250 per night.

With all the offerings, Salamander is maximizing opportunities to pack the house and drive New Year’s Eve business.

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