Back At The Office


Now that you have visited and taken notes, it’s time to share your findings with the rest of the gang.

Naturally, if you conducted your tour alone – you can skip this step.

When you get back to your office (and we recommend doing this on the same day as the tours), have each group prepare a 5 to 15-minute presentation. We recommend using flip charts for this part.

Each team shares:

  • Their assigned topic,
  • Where they went,

And for each location…

  • The key critical findings,
  • The key positive findings.

Final Steps

It’s critical each group also do the work of thinking about how to apply what they found to your business. A great way to facilitate this is ask each group to share what your company should:

  • Start Doing,
  • Stop Doing, and
  • Continue Doing

Someone should handle taking notes on the conversation taking place to create a recap of the entire experience.

The leaders should do a recap of the big ideas discovered, and if appropriate, assign team members to follow up on how to operationalize the findings into your business.

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