Your go-to guide for giving to receive. You’ll learn how to match a group in need to your business culture and how to ensure that the experience is personally and financially rewarding for you, your business and the charity.

Course Requirements:

No pre-requisite.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Managers who wish to be a stronger part of the community.
  • Locations hoping to be more locally relevant and make a difference in the community.

Course Outline:

All the lessons included in this course.

  • Charity & Give-Back Guide
    • Give-Back Facts
  • Why Give Back?
    • Why Give Back?
    • Wrong Reason for Giving Back
    • Be The Leader
  • How To Give Back
    • How To Give Back
    • Ways To Give
    • Give-Back Plan
    • Let People Know
    • Giving Thanks
    • Track Your Efforts & Celebrate Success
  • Find A Charity That Fits
    • What To Consider To Find A Good Fit
    • Big? Small? Single? Several?
  • What Cause & Who To Give To
    • What & Who To Give To, Intro
    • Animal Groups
    • Environmental Groups
    • Non-Government Organizations (NGO)
    • Health Organizations
    • Homelessness & Housing
    • Education Groups
    • Arts & Culture Groups
    • Customer Choice
    • Additional Resources
  • Types of Charity Events
    • Collections & Drives
    • Cash & Donations
    • Giving Volunteer Hours & Time
    • Giving a Charity Access to Your Customers
    • Sporting Events
    • Games & Raffles
    • Fundraising & Selling Things
    • Auctions
  • Best Practices & Examples
    • Best Practices to be your Next Practices
  • Closing & Summary
    • In Conclusion…

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