On-Demand Seminars

Instead of forcing you to attend a webinar on a date and time that’s convenient for us, we’re posting links to LSMGuide On-Demand Seminars here! Watch and learn when it is best for you!

LSMGuide Members are able to access this content as part of their membership, and non-members may purchase individual seminars. Once you’ve purchased, they’ll be accessible when you want them.

New Store Opening: On-Demand Seminar

In this informative seminar we provide…

  • Tips and techniques to build your plan and engage in marketing activities to build awareness, traffic, community and sales to a new store.
  • Information can be applied to existing stores as well as a grand re-opening activity.
  • Details about the three key stages: Pre-Opening, Grand Opening and Post-Opening.
  • Overview for all the key marketing activities from invitations, signage, alerting the media, etc.

These are the proven techniques used by big brands who want to be locally relevant. We are sharing the same tools we used to help put Starbucks on the map in the 90s and 00s.

Everything you need to drive awareness, traffic, and sales to your location!

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $40.00

Paul (and the LSM Team)

p.s. Membership to LSMGuide.com is $40.00 per month. Why not join and get the seminar for “free?” Members get access to a comprehensive New Store Opening Guide to pair with the seminar that provides all the tools and templates to hand-craft your New Store Opening.