Reward Program Apps: Local Marketing On The Go

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Chances are, you carry around one of those sandwich / coffee / frozen yogurt punch cards in your wallet. You know the type: purchase 9 coffees, get the 10th free?

It’s ok, we have one too.

But, how does that card make you feel? Excited to go buy your 7th frozen yogurt cup? I guess, if you really love frozen yogurt.

What about: “30 seconds to grab as much stuff as you want for free in this convenience store” as a potential reward?

Yes, that’s an actual reward you can redeem at D.C.-area convenience store, FoBoGro.

While big businesses have long been known for their reward programs (airline miles, points at a certain hotel chain, drugstore coupons), until recently, small businesses have been left to their own devices…namely, punch cards.

Enter the Belly app. This free reward program allows business owners to come up with their own “rewards” for their customers that they can’t get anywhere else. Some are traditional (discounted food or beverage) and some are not (win a date with the owner). Additionally, the app will share advice on what’s worked (and what hasn’t) as rewards at various small businesses across the country.

Belly doesn’t stand alone, however. Several other mobile-based programs (like SpotOn and Perka) are gaining ground with small businesses.

Making your business relevant to your community is key to differentiating yourself from your competition and engaging new and existing customers. So, what rewards could you offer your customers that they can’t get anywhere else? Will you try one of the various loyalty program apps?


Learn more on the creative and fun ways small businesses are using Belly to stand out in their crowded market places in this USAToday article

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